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  • $5.00

    Toast Tongs, Redecker

    Here’s how to land fresh, hot toast on your plate or sandwich board without burning your fingers ... Enjoy! untreated beechwood Size: 17.5 cm Fro...

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  • Sold out

    Mason Jar Sprayer, reCAP

    2 colors available

    Put all of your old Mason jars to good use with this Mason jar sprayer lid.  Use it in combination with a traditional regular mouth Mason jar to mi...

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  • $13.00

    Mason Jar Pump, reCAP

    2 colors available

    Think of how much you can save by making your own! The reCAP Mason Jars Pump makes Mason jars the perfect multi-purpose container for everyday use!...

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  • from $12.50

    Mason Jar Pour Cap, reCAP

    reCAP’s POUR lid is a must-have in every household. In combination with a traditional Mason jar, it creates an eco-friendly alternative to plastic ...

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    from $12.50
  • $10.00

    BKind Konjac Sponges

    From BKind out of Montreal, Quebec! Five varieties available. Made from konjac root fibres, this sponge is natural, vegan, biodegradable, compostab...

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  • $5.50

    Nutmeg Grater, Redecker

    With a flap for storing the nutmeg, so that it can always be grated fresh.  Stainless steel, 13.5 cm, from Redecker.