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Nectar Juice Bar

Nectar Juice Bar is located inside Bulk Basket and offers smoothies, coffee, tea, and more! Our menu changes periodically, so it's best to check social media for updates!

We use real ingredients to provide you with a superior product and do everything we can to reduce waste. We participate in composting, responsible recycling, and reuse. One of the best ways we can reduce waste is with your help in bringing in your own cup! Bring your own cup in and receive 15% off! Make sure you bring a big one, as smoothies are 24oz. Large wide mouth jars are acceptable as cups!

For hot drinks, we offer our mug exchange program. We have mugs that have been donated of various sizes available for use, free of charge. You can keep the mug or bring it back to use again! If you do bring it back to be refilled, you will receive 15% off (the same as if you brought your own mug). Mug donations are accepted as long as storage space permits!

You can find us on Facebook and Instagram at!